Tan Care

Our tips for preparing and caring for your upcoming spray tan.


Shower, shave, exfoliate your body 24hours before your airbrush session. This will prepare your skin, leaving it clean with an even surface, but giving it time to gain some natural body oils.

Spa services, manicure + pedicure, *wax:  should all be done at least 24hours before your tan session. *wax 2days before your airbrush session, waxy residue will block tanner absorption.

no moisturizers or creams  of any type before your tan session. Please have fresh clean skin. No makeup, no deodorant (will turn green). We have makeup wipes, if needed

it’s best to use a clear shower gel: please no Olay, Dove, or any bar of soap that may leave a residue on your skin that can interfere with the application or create a barrier and prevent the solution from contacting your skin.

please wear dark loose-fitting/baggy clothes after your session. No tight fitting light clothes (no yoga pants/tight jeans)

Color Developing + Body Rinse

try to keep skin dry + cool.

do not wash off for 8-12 hours after your session.

rinse your body with water only (no soap).

You will see some cosmetic bronzer in the shower, that’s normal. Rinse until the water runs clear.

pat dry your skin after your shower, do not rub or wipe too hard with the towel.

To keep your bronzeFX glow as long as you can, keeping skin moisturized is key, we recommend coconut oil 2x a day

After Tan Care

avoid long, hot showers or baths, excessively sweating, and scrubbing the skin, while having a fresh airbrush tan.

Swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, and steam rooms may all shorten the length of your tan.

try not to use body sprays directly on your skin as they contain high levels of alcohol + will dry out your skin + may leave your skin patchy, (try spraying on clothes instead of skin)

working-out should be ok, but not sweating excessively. Dab the sweat, do not wipe too hard.

you may want to wear dark clothes, because you might see some light yellowish color from the tan inside your clothes.

don’t limit yourself on your vacation,

if you will be in chlorine or natural salt water, a thick layer of SPF lotion may help protect your tan.